Graphics, Programs and Apps by Simon Schürrle

About me


I'm an 19 year old guy who is currently doing an apprenticeship as a media designer.
My hobbies include Mountainbiking, Coding and doing 3D Stuff.

Operating Systems

I dualboot Windows 10 alongside NixOS with i3-gaps.
My Servers run Debian 10 and my Raspberry Pi runs Arch Linux ARM.


For programming things I mainly use Python (2.7-3.7) since its the first language I learned.
I'm currently learning Nim (a language with a Python like syntax that can compile to C, C++ and JS) and I plan on learning Haskell in the future.
I also know HTML5, CSS3, a bit of LaTeX and the basics of SASS, JS and PHP


For creating 3D things I use Autodesk 3Ds Max (2015 & 2017) and MAXON Cinema4D R18. If I want to create landscapes I'll use Terragen 4 from Planetside Software. I either render with the Physical Render of Cinema4D or VRay when I'm using 3Ds Max. For Compositing I use the The Foundrys Nuke. For Grading I either use Nuke or Photoshop.
For Developing in Python I mainly use PyCharm. For everything else (MaxScript, Nim etc.), I use Sublime Text 3 or Visual Studio Code.